Perfect pitch: Antenna tenant produces new multi-sport magazine!

One of our new tenants, STENCIL Creative Agency, has produced a new multi-sports magazine for print and digital publication.

The new magazine called ‘Pitch’ comes in partnership with established magazine publisher Kevin Whitchurch. Kevin is currently at the helm of The Delicate Rébellion, an award-winning title out of Edinburgh. In a statement online, Kevin Whitchurch outlines the premise behind ‘Pitch’:

“There’s more to sport than YouTube’s three-minute highlights and TikTok’s midget movies. There’s the epic build-up to the new season, the long-held traditions, the deep, deep love of stats and, of course, the sweet moment of the win.

“Sport is now the only arena in the world where you really don’t know what’s going to happen. And if you love sport – any sport – that tingles your temperament. The anticipation, the fight, the victory, the loss, the next game. All emotions are here.

“Pitch is here to tell those stories. It’s here to reflect the sports fans love, to inform, to heighten, to inflame but, most of all, to enhance your love of all things sport. Let the games begin.”

Conceived, grown, and birthed in Nottingham, lots of local talent have collaborated to bring the magazine to life, including students and alumni from Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. STENCIL Managing Director, Andy Afford and Creative Director, Sam Bowles, champion creating this kind of opportunity for Nottingham’s next generation of creatives. What a fantastic opportunity for them to learn from the very best in the industry!

The first issue of ‘Pitch’ comes jam-packed with stories of modern sport; from a look at the fastest men ever (how fast was fast in 1934?), to how the six-foot-four son of a former goalkeeper from Stuttgart – Jurgen Klopp – has become the Premier League’s longest-serving manager. Not to mention a look into Lancastrian cricketing legend, Mr Jimmy Anderson OBE, and a celebration of the phenomenal British track and road cyclist, Dame Laura Kenny.

The magazine even comes with its own playlist, with songs selected by those featured. Can you guess who Jimmy Anderson chose? Check it out on Spotify here.

To learn more about ‘Pitch’ and purchase a copy, visit the Pitch website or any good independent magazine store. Check out our recent interview with Andy Afford to find out more about STENCIL.