Norma Gregory – member profile

We caught up with some of our tenants, virtual tenants and members to see what they love about Antenna and how they find working in our space.

Norma Gregory is a media practitioner and consultant, who is a member at Antenna.

What do you/your company do?
I’m a diverse heritage media practitioner and consultant. I lead my own organisation as director of Nottingham News Centre CIC founded in 2013, which works in partnership with UK and overseas organisations wanting to become more inclusive in their heritage output, through creative media (i.e. online, print, broadcast, radio and exhibition content) production.

Why did you pick Antenna as your base?
Antenna is a place where motivate and passion for creating drives its members – that’s a space that anyone would want to be in, right?

What do you like about working from Antenna?
I like the fact that Antenna is a space that buzzes with energy. A place where original progammes, productions and products are in the making…

Are you excited to return once the space reopens fully?

Yes, I’m really looking forward to healthy food from the bar and being back creating more heritage-related media.

Find out more about Norma on her website.