In Conversation with Antenna member – Ali Buck from FLOWN

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We recently caught up with Antenna member, Ali Buck, who works for FLOWN – a deep work movement giving you the tools to focus while you work.

During the pandemic, many of us started working from home. For a lot of people, this was the first time they were working remotely rather than in a busy office. Many workers have found major benefits with this, but there are also some aspects of working from home that have proven to be a struggle. From loneliness, to feeling overwhelmed with to-do lists, and struggling to stay focused on big meaty tasks.

This is where FLOWN comes in. They offer a launchpad to a more focused, productive and satisfying work life. Members get unlimited access to all their tools including virtual co-working sessions, designed to free you from distraction and help you get more done, called flocks. They also offer productive meditations, brain-sparking five minute reads, and an academy giving you the skills and knowledge you need to develop a deep work practice.

Hi Ali, tell us a bit about where FLOWN came from, and how it’s grown…

FLOWN was born after our founder, Alicia Navarro had recently sold her last start-up and was desperately trying to find ways to hone her focus and increase creativity and productivity. She had always understood the principles of ‘Deep Work’ (A book by Cal Newport), but it became clear there were no tools to facilitate deep work sessions and help people to make the most of their time. We have grown rapidly in the past 2 years, we have a team of super talented employees and thousands of users in Europe and the US!

Press image of FLOWN founder Alicia Navarro for Antenna Nottingham
FLOWN founder, Alicia Navarro

Have you found the importance of FLOWN increase in recent years?

Undoubtedly, we are constantly bombarded by apps and notifications designed to compete for our attention. Each one prevents us from being engrossed in a task we intend to complete. Remote working has many benefits but comes with a reduction in routine, daily work rituals and engagement with our teams. FLOWN helps to solve all of these whilst boosting a sense of achievement at the end of each day.

How does FLOWN help people to reach a more focused, productive and satisfying work life?

FLOWN has a range of live and on-demand tools to help you either focus or recharge. Our most popular of these are called Flocks, facilitated deep work sessions. In these 2 hour deep work sessions you set your intentions with your group and make a conscious effort to only focus on that single task, halfway through you break and regroup for some games and inspiration, and then you dive back in. Being able to book these sessions into your diary allows you to block out time for the meaty tasks you need to get done and then protect that time’s purpose without constantly ‘Task-Switching’. Ensuring these meaty tasks are completed not only keeps your boss happy but also makes you feel far more accomplished. Ultimately FLOWN helps you to see your workday differently, allocating dedicated time for important focused work which helps you feel on top of your workload and break the habit of being in and out of never-ending ‘shallow tasks’ like emails all day every day!

What future plans are there for FLOWN?

We have just launched our platform for businesses, helping whole companies integrate deep work principles and practice into their cultures. Imagine a 2-hour slot every day where no one will book a meeting or send you a slack… bliss. Businesses love it for productivity and employees love it for structure, rituals and the feeling of accomplishment. A very exciting year ahead for us!

Press image of FLOWN flocks for Antenna Nottingham

Why did you decide to become a member at Antenna?

I am very fortunate to work 100% remotely and go to FLOWN’s London office when I need to. So instead of sitting at home alone, I get to walk into town, I get to say hello to some friendly faces and I get to have a workspace separate from where I live. It’s much better for my daily structure!

How long have you been a member at Antenna?

About 3 months now!

How has Antenna helped yourself, and FLOWN?

It gives me a place to “go to work” and it’s also a good community, I know a few other members who I bump into each week. And of course, the team is happy to help support their member’s businesses and projects in any way they can!


FLOWN offers 30 days free and Antenna members receive 35% off memberships so try it out and get some tricky tasks done! 

Not an Antenna member or tenant?

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