Jamie at Brainbug Design – tenant profile

We caught up with some of our tenants, virtual tenants and members to see what they love about Antenna and how they find working in our space.

Jamie runs Brainbug Design who have their offices here at Antenna.

Jamie, what does your company do?
Brainbug is a 2D Concept art, Illustration and Visual Development studio embedded within the entertainment industries.

Why did you pick Antenna as your base?
Aside from the obvious bug pun! Antenna is a tech hub with professionals from a range of different disciplines, centrally located as well as being closely linked to the talent pool from Confetti and Nottingham Trent University.

What do you like about working from Antenna?
The atmosphere Antenna fosters, the bar/kitchen manages to feel both professional and casual and there’s always something happening in the building.

Are you excited to return once the space reopens fully in September?

Returning would be great. I’m looking forward to getting back in to the flow of things, once this all blows over!

Find out more about Brainbug Design and the work they do.