ampersand research – virtual tenant profile

We caught up with some of our tenants, virtual tenants and members to see what they love about Antenna and how they find working in our space.

We spoke to ampersand research who are virtual tenants at Antenna.

What does ampersand research do?

ampersand research is an independent market research agency jointly owned and managed by Mark Lasbury and Sarah Jones. The pair created the agency with the simple aim of providing considered research with a fantastic customer experience.

We work with clients to inform business strategy and make evidence based decisions by listening to and understanding the voice and opinions of customers, potential customers, employees and stakeholders.

Over 40 years’ combined experience in the research industry brings expert knowledge across a wide range of research methodologies and techniques.

In 2015 we were awarded Best New Agency by the Market Research Society, and in December 2019  Highly Commended by the Association of Qualitative Research (AQR) for our Qualitative Excellence Award submission.

​​Why did you pick Antenna as our base?

We have been virtual tenants at Antenna since launching in 2014.  Mark and Sarah had both been members before starting the company and really enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere in the Antenna Bar and Kitchen – so much so that it became our go to place for planning our new venture.  So, when we were deciding on where to base the company it was an easy decision to choose Antenna!  We loved the inspirational office spaces, being surrounded by others from the creative industry and the fantastic staff who made us feel welcome from day one.

What do you like about working from Antenna?

That is a difficult question because there are so many things that benefit ampersand research as virtual tenants at Antenna!  In no particular order here are the top three…

  • The reception staff are fabulous and look after us really well – from answering the phone to printing documents to holding our post it is all done with a smile!
  • The bar and kitchen has a fantastic menu and a great venue for hosting client meetings – so much so that we often get asked by clients if we can host so they get a chance to visit!
  • The events hosted have been really useful in meeting widening our network and developing our knowledge – it is one of our favourite venues in the city

 Are you excited to return once the space reopens fully?

Yes – we are really looking forward to Antenna reopening!  Whilst working from home has its benefits, we have really missed the buzz that fills Antenna.  From bumping into old friends in the corridors, to seeing celebrities in the bar, to meeting new people in the virtual tenant lounge, to saying hello to staff at reception – we can’t wait to be back in the inspiring environment that is Antenna!

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